Fairlight Evaluates LYNX Technik AG® yellobrik SPG 1707 SD/HD Sync Pulse Generator with Genlock

Fairlight manufactures digital audio mixing consoles, as well as control and editing systems for Broadcast, Post Production, Music Studios and Film Production Studios.

Fairlight’s SX-20 is a “Sync I/O Toolbox” interface that provides a wide variety of audio, synchronization and control. SX-20 is a required component of any base CC-1 core processing system. The yellobrik SPG 1707 was evaluated alongside the SX-20 synchronization unit by the Fairlight production department.
The SPG 1707 is portable sync generator that includes genlock with full cross lock capability, which locks the outputs to any reference sync format and standard. The module provides 3 x HDTV tri-level sync outputs as well as 3 x SDTV bi-level sync outputs and supports all SD, HD and composite (PAL / NTSC) video formats. A separate audio sync output can be switched between 48 KHz Word Clock or Digital Audio Reference (DARS).

The Evaluation:

All user controls are clearly indicated on the top of the module and directly accessible. The Fairlight engineers were able to use the unit immediately without referring to a manual. Then, the 3 x bi-level SD sync outputs were tested - and performance was again perfect.
First, the 3 x tri-level HD analog sync outputs using the followingstandards were tested - and the module performed perfectly.
- 1080i /50Hz / 59.94Hz / 60Hz- 1080p / 23.98Hz / 24Hz / 25Hz / 29.97Hz / 30Hz- 720p / 23.98Hz / 24Hz / 25Hz / 29.97Hz / 50Hz / 59.94Hz- 1080psf / 23.98Hz/24Hz Return Loss > 40dB up to 5MHz and SNR > 75dB were benchmarked without a problem.
The SPG 1707 multi-format SD/HD sync generator is temperature stabilized, and source reference quality easily met a 2ppm accuracy level.

Genlock capability easily allows the module to genlock to any SD or HD reference input, with full cross lock capability. The SD and HD sync outputs and audio sync signals proved to be totally frequency locked to the reference regardless of the selected sync standard for the outputs.

“In our opinion this unit can be easily used as a studio reference generator in OB applications, mobile editing, post production, and professional AV applications that require a high quality HD or SD reference signal,” states Joe Hammer, Product Support Director at Fairlight. “Pricing for the system is very affordable … and I will not hesitate to suggest this fine product as a solution for our existing and potential Fairlight client base.”

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