Broadcasting & Archiving in both SDR & HDR?

LYNX Technik’s HDR Suite of Processing Solutions (HDR Evie+, HDR Evie, HDR Static) for the greenMachine® platform addresses the challenge that broadcasters and content creators are facing when there is a need to broadcast or archive content in both SDR and HDR. The simple solution is to have two independent production routes for SDR and HDR, but this is costly and falls short of delivering full HDR content to the customer and ultimately the subscriber / viewer. The sacrifice in quality results from HDR capable cameras being optimized for SDR lighting and coloring, which compromise the HDR output. Until HDR cameras, graphics, record & replay equipment are widespread, it is also likely there will be a mixture of SDR and HDR sources as well as monitoring and multiviewer destinations. The challenge is therefore to optimize the cameras for HDR where available, up-convert SDR cameras and sources to HDR and produce through a single path HDR workflow. The program output is provided in optimized HDR and can be converted to SDR for simultaneous broadcast. In post-production, the optimized HDR content is preserved and finally converted to SDR for delivery. A further challenge is to acquire raw content in an HDR format for subsequent post-production or archival storage, while the current production and output requirement is for SDR.

The entire range of LYNX Technik’s greenMachine HDR <> SDR processing solutions support a range of open standards for conversion, tone mapping, and color gamut, including HLG, PQ, SDR, and SLog3. Rec709, Rec 2020, and camera standards by Panasonic, Sony, Arri, ACES, DCI-P3, RED and BMD.

As with all processing tools running on the greenMachine platform, user access to configuration and control is via the intuitive and heavily graphics based greenGUI, which is free to download. Users can run it in simulation mode without greenMachine hardware connected, which helps to explore the myriad of adjustments and capabilities available. It goes without saying that greenMachine is fully SNMPv2 compatible.

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