LYNX Technik’s Debuts AV Sync Feature for greenMachine Testor

May 04, 2023 – Weiterstadt, Germany – LYNX Technik, provider of modular signal processing interfaces, announces that an AV Sync feature for its greenMachine testor is now available. greenMachine testor is the Company’s flagship multi-format test signal generator, a 4K/UHD and quad-channel 3G SDI device that produces different types of signals and frequencies for a variety of in-studio and in-the-field purposes such as testing and troubleshooting.

The new AV Sync Generator feature complements the Sync Analyzer feature currently available for greenMachine testor. Together, the AV Sync Analyzer and Sync Generator provide an effective and highly accurate tool for measuring and generating AV sync delays, and audio channel swaps. They serve as a precision timing and measurement solution for aligning audio and video in a single SDI signal path.

In a broadcast environment whereby video and audio data are not always correctly in-sync, the AV Sync Analyzer measures and verifies audio and video timing and delays in a signal chain, which allows operators to identify mismatched AV timing and verifies whether audio channels have been swapped.

Up to four signal chains can be measured at the same time, with measurement results shown within LYNX Technik’s centralized software solution, LynxCentraal. In addition, the measurement results can be overlayed on the incoming measured signal and routed out of greenMachine's SDI output for external monitoring.

This new feature is free to all existing greenMachine testor users as a software license upgrade.


About LYNX Technik:

LYNX Technik AG® was founded in 2002 and is now an industry leader and technology provider of software and hardware interface solutions for real-time signal processing in audio visual environments. LYNX Technik is an independent privately-owned company with its headquarters, research and manufacturing facilities based in Weiterstadt, Germany. Sales and Support is covered through secondary distribution channels managed from its headquarters in Germany, USA (California), and Asia (Singapore).

Product brands include: greenMachine® multi-purpose processing platform, yellobrik® system as well as standalone plug-and play modules, Series 5000™ rack and card-based series, LynxCentraal™ control system and the Testor portable test signal generator and waveform analyzer.

Products include: audio / video / fiber conversion, audio / video distribution, fiber splitters, CWDM mux/demux, audio embedding / de-embedding, audio delay, image processing, frame synchronizers, test generators, 4K transmission solutions, as well as a line of rack frames and accessories.

For more information about LYNX Technik’s products & services please visit:, For sales please email info(at)lynx-technik(dot)com. You can also find LYNX Technik on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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