AutoControl for APPolo is a radical advancement for infrastructure control and automation. Most facilities use automation yet generally do not have the ability to automate static terminal equipment.

AutoControl adds automation and programmable intelligence inside the terminal equipment, which enables automatic reconfiguration of the modules functions, signal routing and internal signal processing. This opens up an entirely new layer of power and flexibility to automated facility control.

APPolo monitors every module’s internal status and configuration, every input and output in terms of presence and video format, plus multiple external GPI inputs in the system. Based on these input parameters, the user can program an automatic conditional “action” using logical functions.

  • Use a fixed value of any parameter of any module within the system as a trigger
  • Multiple triggers can be configured within the system
  • Each trigger can be configured to set any parameter of any module within the system to a fixed value
  • Multiple parameters of different modules can be assigned to the same trigger
  • Available as software option (OC_AUTOCONTROL_BASE) for the OH_RCT5023_SERVER. Can be activated at any time. Please contact your local sales representative for details here.

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