1310nm Multimode Optical Transceiver



The OH-TR-MADI-1310-MM optical transceiver is a plug in option for
select LYNX Technik yellobrik and greenMachine products. Specifically
this option is intended to convert the LYNX OTR 1210 MM MADI
Transceiver module from the standard 850nm to 1310nm wavelength.
This is also a plug in option for greenMachine when using the
MADI audio APP. TX Wavelength is a fixed 1310nm, and suitable for
distances up to 2km**

A socket, or “cage” is provided for the SFP in the supporting LYNX
product for easy installation or upgrade. The SFP is hot swappable.


• Optical multimode transceiver for MADI audio applications
• Receiver and transmitter in single package
• 1310nm TX Wavelength - Multimode
• Receive wavelengths 1270 to 1620nm according to ITU-T G694.2
• TX Distances up to 2km**
• For use with yellobrik and greenMachine product lines
• Pluggable and hot swappable
• LC Duplex fiber connections
• Lead free and RoHS compliant

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OH-TR-MADI-1310 MM 1310nm Multimode Optical Transceiver