greenMachine Constellations

greenMachine adopts a three-prong approach to product definition and function. Rather than being a fixed application specific box, greenMachine is a combination of general-purpose hardware, constellations (pre-defined set of functionalities/features) for re-programmable functionality and powerful control software.

The greenMachine titan hardware is a powerful general-purpose audio and video processing appliance that is custom-configured by the user using one of the pre-defined constellations, which can be purchased through the LYNX sales network. It is not limited to one constellation per greenMachine; It may be switched between multiple licensed constellations to configure the machine for many different applications in the workflow.

A Constellation is a template or package of features. When you deploy a constellation on a greenMachine, you are reconfiguring that machine to have those features. Other than some global parameters, only the parameters for that feature set are created.

The greenMachine HW is supplied as standard with basic routing and audio analog to digital conversion functionalities. All further video and audio processing functions are defined by the deployed constellation.

If you purchased a license for a constellation together with a greenMachine HW, your greenMachine will be factory pre-configured with that licensed constellation.

All current constellations are present in the greenMachine when delivered. New additional (unlicensed) constellations can be acquired as they are published as an integral part of the greenMachine firmware updates from the LYNX Technik website. Registered users will be notified by email when updates are available. All constellations can be deployed for full functional testing even without a license, with all parameter adjustments and signal processing, but unlicensed constellations will show a watermark on the video output. The audio channels embedded in the output video and the external audio channels will also be watermarked with a 1 kHz test tone every 20 seconds.

For more information please download the Constellation manual: Click here for download