Dual Transport Package

Dual HD Bidirectional Transport Solution

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The greenMachine Dual Transport Package includes two greenMachine callisto hardware appliances, two Dual Transport APPs (one per greenMachine), four Frame Synchronizer APPs (one per transported video signal) and two MiniNova APPs. Additionally the package includes a set of bidirectional* video transceiver SFP modules as well as a set of bidirectional* Ethernet transceiver SFP modules.

(*The bidirectional SFP modules have an integrated WDM multiplexing and demultiplexing allowing the bidirectional signals to be transported over one singlemode fiber cable.)

This package is a cost effective bidirectional transport solution for video, audio, Ethernet and GPI. It is a powerful and flexible solution for many Broadcast and ProAV applications that need to exchange multiple signals over only two single fiber links.

The greenMachine callisto hardware comes with a fully featured local control interface with an LCD which displays image previews and audio level meters of the processed video paths in addition to the graphical user interface.

The greenMachine Dual Frame Synchronizer Package also includes the MiniNova APP which enables the module to be remotely controlled and monitored via third party master control software.

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  • Dual channel bidirectional transport solution
  • 2x HD Video (or 1 x 3G Video) transport in both directions
  • SDI and HDMI I/O
  • 4x Audio transport in both directions
  • 2x GPI in both directions
  • 1x 1Gbit Ethernet transport
  • Frame synchronizer per video channel
  • Robust “flywheel” frame synchronizer functionality
  • 4 Audio inputs and outputs switchable between analog and digital
  • HDMI input and output
  • Included SDI and Ethernet bidirectional SFP modules for full signal
    transport with two singlemode fiber cables
  • Timed reference output
  • Integrated local control panel for configuration and monitoring
  • Extensive monitoring features such as image previews and audio
    level meters available on the local control panel and control software
  • CustomControl Panels
  • Full SNMP v2 support
  • Optional video and Ethernet CWDM fiber I/O with all 18 wavelengths
  • Optional redundant power protection
  • Optional 19” rack frame

Ordering Information

GMP DualTransport EU 2x callisto + APPs + 4x SFP + 2x Power Supply ; 2x EU power cable
GMP DualTransport UK 2x callisto + APPs + 4x SFP + 2x Power Supply ; 2x UK power cable
GMP DualTransport US 2x callisto + APPs + 4x SFP + 2x Power Supply ; 2x US power cable
RFR 6000 Rack Frame for greenMachine
RPS 6120 Power Supply for greenMachine