PDM 5290 U

SHUFFLEMAX II - Audio and Metadata Embedder / De-embedder

Datasheet Reference Manual


Audio embedder / de-embedder – SHUFFLEMAX II functions as a fully featured 16-channel audio embedder / de-embedder for SD/HD/3G SDI video streams.  It features eight individually assigned AES I/O ports.

Audio Processor - Three large mono crossbars and a full 32 channel internal audio processing stage let users remap embedded and external audio while maintaining full control over the audio settings.

32 channels of audio gain and phase adjustment with invert, mute and sum functionality, plus overload and silence detection, are part of the SHUFFLEMAX II audio processing features.

SHUFFLEMAX II also provides fully automatic AV timing compensation ensuring the input to output timing is always maintained. User adjustable timing offsets are provided for all audio channels if required.

Dolby E Synchronizer – One AES audio path can be assigned to the internal Dolby E synchronizer. SHUFFLEMAX II maintains alignment of the critical guard band for an embedded Dolby E stream. It will also provide full synchronization and guard band alignment to the connected SDI video for an external asynchronous Dolby E stream.

Video Frame Synchronizer - The optional firmware upgrade adds a fully featured multi-format video frame synchronizer to take care of asynchronous SDI video sources. Includes user adjustable delay and sophisticated signal processing which provides synchronized audio free from “pops and clicks” even when adding and dropping frames.

Video and Audio Delay Processor - A fully programmable 62 frame video delay as well as four sets of 8 x AES audio delays that have up to 10 seconds of manual adjustment are provided. There is virtually no external AV delay problem that cannot be corrected.

Metadata Extractor and Embedder - SHUFFLEMAX II provides visualization of all digital ANC packets that are present in HANC and VANC. These can be passed transparently, removed or overwritten with new data. SHUFFLEMAX II provides considerable flexibility including:

  • Visualize, decode and shuffle any metadata that is present  
  • Specify the line number used for embedding metadata in HANC or VANC
  • Decode SMPTE 2020 audio metadata from the SDI signal
  • Insert external SMPTE 2020 audio metadata and embed it into SDI
  • Receive, decode and shuffle timecode (ATC-LTC, ATC-VITC, D-VITC)
  • User configured timecode LTC port for extraction or embedding of timecode
  • Visualization and control over AFD, WSS, VI and Closed Caption metadata
  • Transport and process 2 GPI input / output triggers in metadata

NOTE: The use of the APPolo control system is MANDATORY for this module. If installed in a RFR 5012 chassis please make sure a rack controller
(RCT 5023 G) is installed in the rack.


  •  Auto detecting multi-format SDI support for SD/HD/3G
  •  8 external AES inputs or outputs – individually assigned
  •  Transformer coupled audio I/O
  •  Balanced AES3 or unbalanced AES3id versions available
  •  16 channel AES audio embedder / de-embedder
  •  Delete, overwrite, extract, re-map, process or pass audio transparently
  •  Optional fully featured SDI Frame Synchronizer with adjustable delay
  •  No audio “pops and clicks” when Frame Sync is dropping and adding frames
  •  “Auto Test” uses a selectable internal test pattern if the SDI input is not present
  •  2 internal mono crossbars for complete audio mapping control
  •  Auto detect audio format, PCM or encoded (Dolby E)
  •  8 selectable sample rate converters for external AES inputs
  •  Automatic timing compensation to maintain audio I/O timing accuracy
  •  User adjustable timing offsets for each AES channel – four sets provided
  •  Dolby E synchronizer – SMPTE 2020 Metadata sub-frames alignment to rack reference
  •  32 channel audio processing stage with individual adjustments for:
    • Gain
    • Phase (0-180°)
    • Invert
    • Mute
    • Sum (left + right)
  •  32 channels of overload and silence detection
  •  External Metadata I/O port
  •  Embed and de-embed Metadata
  •  Visualize all ANC packets for both HANC and VANC, includes
    • Timecode ATC-LTC, ATC-VITC and D-VITC
    • SMPTE 2020 audio Metadata
    • GPI/GPO signaling in Metadata
    • Any other ANC data present
  •  Support for AFD / WSS / VI and Closed Caption Metadata via APPolo control system
  •  Metadata can be extracted, replaced or passed transparently
  •  Extract or insert LTC timecode from external I/O connection
  •  Extract or insert SMPTE 2020 Audio Metadata using external RS 422 port
  •  Extract or insert up to 2 GPI / GPO (relay) triggers in Metadata
  •  Programmable 62 frame video delay, in frames / lines / pixels or milliseconds
  •  Powerful, intuitive user interface using APPolo control system
  •  All settings automatically stored in module’s flash RAM
  •  Selectable timecode burn in on SDI output
  •  SNMP error reporting if used with OH-RCT-5023 SERVER option
  •  Hot swappable

Ordering Information

PDM 5290 D SHUFFLEMAX II - Audio and Metadata Embedder / De-embedder
PDM 5290 U SHUFFLEMAX II - Audio and Metadata Embedder / De-embedder
OC_PDM5290_FSYNC Optional Framesync function for PDM5290
RFR 5014 2RU Rack Frame + Power Supply (no fans)
RBO 5025 25 Pin SubD Adapter PCB
RBO 5015 15 Pin SubD Adapter PCB
RFR 5018 2RU Rack Frame plus Primary Power Supply