PDM 5380

3G/HD/SD 8 Channel Analog Audio Embedder / Deembedder

Datasheet Reference Manual


The PDM 5380 is a versatile 8 channel analog audio embedder or de-embedder, which can be used to address a variety of audio issues in broadcast. The module offers multi-format SDI support up to 3Gbit/s (auto-detect).

The module can be switched between an embedder or an 8 channel de-embedder, or used as a combination of both. 16 channels of audio are always de-embedded from the SDI input signal and passed into an audio processing stage. In embedder mode, 8 channels of external audio are passed into the audio processing stage. Audio processing includes adjustable gain, phase invert and mute for all 24 channels as well as a selectable mono mixdown function for each left and right pair.

The processed audio is passed onto a 24 x 24 output crossbar where the audio for the embedder, and external outputs can be user mapped.

The module also provides up to 62 frames of programmable output.

Microprocessor control and on-board Flash RAM enable configurations and settings to be stored within the module. Remote control, status monitoring and error reporting is possible when using the LYNX APPolo Control System.

NOTE: The use of the LynxCentraal control system is MANDATORY for this module. If installed in a RFR 5012 chassis please make sure a rack controller
(RCT 5023 G) is installed in the rack.


  • Supports SDI formats up to 3Gbit (auto-detect)
  • Switch between 8 channel embedder or de-embedder
  • 24 channel audio processing stage with adjustable gain, phase invert, mute and stereo to mono mixdown. Also provides overload and silence detection.
  • 24 x 24 mono output crossbar for embedder and external audio channel assignment.
  • Selectable “Auto Pattern Function” with no input video - the module will embed audio in a selectable test pattern.
  • Up to 62 frames of programmable delay.
  • Up to 10 seconds of audio delay (total).
  • Remote control, status monitoring and error reporting possible with the LYNX APPolo control system.
  • Full SNMP support when used with master controller option.
  • Hot Swappable.

Ordering Information

PDM 5380 3G/HD/SD 8 Channel Analog Audio Embedder / Deembedder
PDM 5380 O 3G/HD/SD 8 Channel Analog Audio Embedder / De-embedder
RFR 5014 2RU Rack Frame + Power Supply (no fans)
RFR 5018 2RU Rack Frame plus Primary Power Supply