OTX 5840

Quad SDI to Fiber Optic Transmitter

Datasheet Reference Manual


The OTX 5840 is a flexible four channel SDI electrical to optical converter suitable for SDI/ASI-DVB video signals up to 3Gbit/s. Each channel has automatic input clock rate and signal presence detection with selectable signal reclocking. This module is ideally suited for demanding digital multi-format broadcast and professional applications.

The module provides 4 SDI optical outputs and 2 SDI electrical outputs which can be mapped using the integrated 4x6 signal router. In non-reclocked mode the module will transparently pass any data between 15Mbit/s and 3Gbit/s. Support for ASI/DVB and SMPTE 310 signals is also provided.

Select from 18 wavelengths for CWDM applications, or select all 1310nm wavelengths for non CWDM applications. Up to 10 modules, (or 40 fiber TX channels) can be supported in a standard LYNX 2RU rack frame. The Fiber SFP sub-modules are secured on the backplane allowing for module removal and hot swapping without removing any modules rear I/O fiber connections.

Full remote control, status monitoring and error reporting is possible when using the LYNX control system.

NOTE: This module has advanced features and the use of APPolo control system is recommended. If installed in a RFR 5012 chassis please make sure a rack controller (RCT 5023 G) is installed in the rack.


  • 4 independent optical TX channels and 2 x electrical outputs
  • Supports SDI/ASI/DVB and SMPTE 310 up to 3Gbit/s
  • Selection of 18 wavelengths available for CWDM applications
  • Reclocking or non-reclocking mode for each channel
  • Auto-detects input clock rate
  • Transparently pass data between 15Mbit/s and 3Gbit/s in non-reclocked mode.
  • Input presence detection with LED indication for each channel
  • Internal 4x6 signal router for flexible I/O mapping (remote only)
  • LC fiber optic connections, single mode or multimode fiber
  • Fiber SFP modules secured in backplane. Module can be removed without disconnection of fiber cables
  • Remote control, status monitoring and error reporting when used with LYNX control system
  • SNMP error reporting when used with master controller option
  • Hot Swappable

Ordering Information

OTX 5840 Quad SDI to Fiber Optic Transmitter
RCT 5023-G Rack Controller
OH-TT-1-Y-LC Dual Fiber Optic Basic Transmitter Option 10km
OH-TT-4-XXXX-XXXX-LC Dual Fiber Optic CWDM Transmitter Option 40km (XXXX-XXXX = Wavelength 1270/1290nm to 1590/1610nm)
OH-TT-8-XXXX-XXXX-LC Dual Fiber Optic CWDM Transmitter Option 80km (XXXX-XXXX=Wavelength 1270/1290 nm -1590/1610 nm)
OH-TX-4-XXXX-LC 3Gbit SDI Optical Transmitter - CWDM (XXXX=Wavelength 1270nm to 1610nm)
OH-TX-8-XXXX-LC Fiber Optic CWDM Transmitter Option 80km (XXXX=Wavelength 1270nm to 1610nm)
RFR 5014 2RU Rack Frame + Power Supply (no fans)
RFR 5018 2RU Rack Frame plus Primary Power Supply