CAD 5122

Dual 12 Bit CVBS to SDI Decoders and Frame Syncs

Datasheet Reference Manual


Featuring two independent channels of high quality 12 bit A-D conversion with 5-line adaptive comb filtering the C AD 5122 is an excellent choice for composite to SDI decoding for the most demanding broadcast applications. The C AD 5122 utilizes the very latest analog and digital signal processing technology to provide unmatched performance and feature sets. The integrated frame synchronizer with 8 frames of programmable delay is ideal for timing asynchronous composite analog sources into digital switchers, routers or other downstream digital equipment.

Flexible genlock capability provides high quality VCXO genlock for broadcast quality sources but also has a mode for lower quality consumer grade sources video (such as VHS and DVD). Combine this with the multi-standard capability (PAL/NTSC) makes this the most flexible converter for use in any application with almost any composite video source.

The new CTI feature dramatically improves decoded image quality by improving chrominance transitions. When combined with the 5-line adaptive comb filter, practically all composite cross color artifacts are removed from the conversion.

Microprocessor control and on board flash ram enable configurations and settings to be stored within the module (through power cycles and module removal). Local control capability is provided via the integrated alphanumeric display and control switch. Access to extended feature sets, remote control, status monitoring and error reporting is possible when using the LYNX control system.


  • Two independent high Quality 12 bit A/D conversion channels.
  • PAL / NTSC modes of operation - Auto detect
  • Integrated frame synchronizer / TBC with pixel, line and frame adjustments (delay output provided for external audio sync)
  • 54 MHz sampling (4x oversampling)
  • 3.5 lines to 8 frames of delay in 37ns increments
  • CVBS inputs (with passive loop through)
  • 10 bit SDI outputs SMPTE 259M-C
  • Selectable Luma / Chroma filters
  • Selectable 5 line Comb and Adaptive filters
  • VCXO Genlock, selectable external or internal reference plus low sensitivity genlock mode [suitable for consumer grade composite sources]
  • Proc amp with adjustable Gain, Saturation, Pedestal and Hue
  • New CTI mode to improve chrominance transitions
  • Integrated alphanumeric display and menu system for local configurations
  • Microprocessor controlled with internal flash ram for storing configuration
  • Remote control, status monitoring and error reporting possible when used with LYNX control system
  • Full SNMP support when used with master controller option
  • Hot Swappable

Ordering Information

CAD 5122 Dual 12 Bit CVBS to SDI Decoders and Frame Syncs
RFR 5014 2RU Rack Frame + Power Supply (no fans)
RFR 5018 2RU Rack Frame plus Primary Power Supply