RCT 5023-G

Rack Controller

Reference Manual


The RCT 5023 G Rack controller is the latest controller from LYNX Technik. This is a one stop solution for all the controller needs in any new system. The controller features LAN connectivity so it’s a simple case of installing each LYNX rack frame with a RCT 5023 G controller and connecting to a network. The APPolo control system will unify all connected network devices into the central control system.

The plug in server option for the RCT 5023G (model# OH-RCT5023-SERVER) will remove the system host requirement from the APPolo PC into the RCT 5023 G  controller itself. This is recommended for larger installations. (The APPolo PC(s) then become clients to the system). A second RCT 5023 server can be installed into a system for redundant backup.

Auto Control
The RCT 5023 G (with the server option) also supports the new AutoControl software plug in. (model OC-AUTOCONTROL-BASE). This provides user programmable system automation. The automation is based on monitoring user defined events in the system which then triggers a defined reaction. AutoControl will function on internal system events and can also react with the outside world via multiple GPI and GPO interfaces.

Other software plug in options includes:
OC-RSL-FUNC – Provides User Access Control + system wide Backup and Restore
OC-RSL-CTRL – Provides full SNMP support for the system + access to the remote control protocol

LYNX Server Option (OH_RCT5023_SERVER)
The RCT 5023 RackController board can host a LYNX Server option (OH_RCT5023_SERVER). This option uses the same network connector (RJ45) as the host R CT 5023 RackController to connect to a APPolo Conrol System in the Local Area Network (LAN). If this option (OH_RCT5023_SERVER) was supplied as part of a system it is already installed on a RCT 5023 module. If the module was supplied as a field upgrade please follow the installation procedure given in the installation guide: Link

Note: For those of you new to the LYNX control system click here below to download and read the “Control System Overview” document. This will explain the LYNX control system concepts, architecture and take you through the expansion path which will greatly assist in making the right choices for the control system hardware needed for your particular system installation.


  • Monitor and control all modules installed in a Series 5000 chassis
  • Single controller for use in all connected racks
  • Uses standard LAN network topology
  • Optional plug in server upgrade
  • Includes APPolo control software

Ordering Information

RCT 5023 G Rack Controller
OH_RCT5023_SERVER Add the LYNX SERVER to a regular RackController (click-on board as separate controller unit)
RFR 5014 2RU Rack Frame + Power Supply (no fans)
RFR 5018 2RU Rack Frame plus Primary Power Supply