RFR 5041

1RU Rack Frame and Power Supply (for 4 modules)

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The 1RU Rack Mount Chassis is provided for applications requiring a small number of modules and will accommodate up to 4 Series 5000 CardModules. Each CardModule slot has its own associated rear connection panel, so any mixture of modules can be accommodated with no configuration restrictions.

The frame includes a removable primary power supply and an external DC input for redundant power backup is also provided (Optional RPS 5000 "brick" power supply) . Remote control is possible via the integrated LAN port using the included LYNX Desktop Controller Software. External GPO alarm outputs and an external sync input are also provided.

All of the installed modules, plus the power supply are hot swappable and are easily accessed from the front of the rack. The front panel is hinged for easy access and can be removed if required. Integrated low noise fans provide for system cooling.

The construction is extremely robust, suitable for studio installations and the most demanding mobile applications. The frame is constructed from non magnetic stainless steel and is fully compliant with all EMC / FCC RFI interference emission regulations.


  • High quality steel construction, 1RU high
  • Compact, very small depth, ideal for mobile applications
  • Accommodates any mixture of Series 5000 modules
  • Supports up to 4 modules + primary power supply
  • Optional external "brick" redundant power backup
  • Integrated LAN port for remote control
  • Includes desktop controller software package
  • External rack reference sync input (bi-level or tri-level)
  • Power supply GPO alarm outputs
  • Integrated cooling, low noise fans
  • Hinged front panel, which can be removed if required
  • All modules hot swappable

Ordering Information

RFR 5041 EU 1RU Rack Frame (for 4 modules) + Power Supply; EU power cable
RFR 5041 UK 1RU Rack Frame (for 4 modules) + Power Supply; UK power cable
RFR 5041 US 1RU Rack Frame (for 4 modules) + Power Supply; US power cable
RFR 5041 1RU Rack Frame and Power Supply (for 4 modules)
RPS 5120 External Power Supply for RFR 5041