EBU Digitial A/V Sync and Operational Test Pattern

The new EBU A/V sync pattern is unique to the Testor and the new PTG 5610 Test Generator. This is an adaptation of an existing 525 / 625 patterns proposed by the EBU in technical document EBU tech 3305. LYNX Technik has adapted and enhanced this pattern for use in modern multi-format (SDTV and HDTV) environments.

The pattern has been designed to address a number of requirements in a modern multi-format digital broadcast facility. The pattern elements are shown below.

Aside from the static video elements, there is also a dynamic element with two video motion sequences and a three level audio sequence. These sequences are used for “transmission alive” verification, audio level calibration, left and right channel ID and audio video timing (lip sync) tests. For a short flash animation of the pattern please click “PLAY” below (may need to click 2 times to start)</

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For a full specification of the EBU A/V Sync Pattern please click to view / print the PDF file

EBU Digitial A/V Video download