PTG 1802 ABS Case

Plastic Transport Case for Testor | Lite™



The Testor Lite™ Transport Case is perfect to protect your
Testor and connection cables while storing or transporting.
Designed to be durable and light, this ABS case is the ideal
partner for your Testor Lite™ whenever you’re on the road.
The hard shell case protects your Testor Lite™ from most
impacts in an average, busy work environment, while the inner
foam coating prevents it from being scratched by cables or
connectors. You can even transport standard sized yellobriks®
inside the case together with a Testor Lite™.


• Impact dampening ABS Case
• Storage space for cables or yellobrik®
• Sturdy closing mechanisms

Ordering Information

PTG 1802 ABS Case PTG 1802 ABS Case
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