Optional Replacement Battery for Testor Family Handheld Devices


PTG BATT is a replacement lithium ion polimer battery pack battery for PTG 1802 "Testor | lite 3G" and WFM 1801. It supplies 3.7V / 3200mAh or about 11.8Wh. Please just use genuine LYNX-Technik replacement batteries in your products to ensure safe use of your product and not void your warranty.

Note: The Testor handhed line of products are not designed for frequent battery exchanges using a spare. Only swap the battery when the maximum recharge capacity dimines noticably. Some disassembly is required.


  • Lithium Ion polimer Battery
  • Supplies 3.7V / 3200mAh / 11.8Wh
  • Easy to change if necessary

Ordering Information

PTG BATT Testor | Lite 3G Battery
PTG 1802 "Testor | lite 3G" - SDI test pattern generator
WFM 1801 Waveform Monitor And Vectorscope