WFM Bumper - NEW

Protective Case for WFM 1801 Waveform Monitor



Protective case (or bumper) for the WFM 1801. This is designed to provide some protection against accidental damage. The BNC connectors are now protected from damage and the case also affords some protection from the screen cracking due to shock when dropped on a hard surface. This option is highly recommended for the portable Waveform Monitor

NOTE :  These cases are 3D printed so show some minor surface irregularities and feathered edges consistent with even the highest quality 3D printing of the soft material used. This is not an injection molded item as the tooling Cost vs. Volume is unrealistic.

These bumpers offer considerable protection at a reasonable price.


  • Lightweight rotection hard case for WFM 1801
  • Protects BNC connectors from damage due to accidental drop

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WFM Bumper Protective Case for WFM 1801 Waveform Monitor