WFM 1801

Waveform Monitor And Vectorscope

Datasheet Reference Manual


WFM 1801 is a handheld, multifunctional waveform monitor ideally suited to the monitoring needs of field production and equipment installation. Installed with rechargeable battery, it adds convienience and efficiency by making the monitoring portable. The combination of Waveform monitoring, Vectorscope and Audio Monitoring makes this equipment powerful for complex video and audio systems.

Fitted with 5” LCD with capacitative screen, WFM 1801 provides a clear preview of incoming video signals. The display screen provides monochrome waveform, vector and up to 16 channels of audio monitoring with several audio scale selection options. It is also capable of calculating and displaying the SDI error counts,
and SDI cable length measurements. It provides a convienient way to view the SMPTE 352M VPID payload hex values.

When bundled with PTG 1801 test pattern generator, WFM 1801 will provide a complete testing and monitoring solution that fits in the palm of your hand and will your time in field production and equipment installation.


  • Compact design
  • 3G SDI Waveform monitor and Vectorscope
  • Waveform monitor provides timebase selection and parades of YCrCb, YRGB, and RGB
  • Vectorscope provides 75% or 100% vectors and vector magnify
  • 1x 3G SDI input on BNC
  • Multi-format sync reference input
  • 3.5mm headphone jack for audio monitoring up to 16 audio channels monitoring on display
  • Provides digital, DIN, BBC, Nordic and VU audio scale
  • Provides SMPTE 352M VPID payload hex values
  • Provides SDI Error counts and cable length measurement
  • Internal rechargeable battery enhances portability
  • Large 5” capacitive touchscreen

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WFM 1801 Waveform Monitor And Vectorscope
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