10Gbit/s CWDM Optical Data Transceiver



The OH-TR-10G-XXXX-LC optical data transceiver is a plug in option for select LYNX Technik products. This SFP module includes a receiver and a transmitter, which facilitate the conversion of an electrical ethernet signal into an optical signal for transmission over fiber and vice versa. It supports transmission rates of 10Gbit/s or 1Gbit/s.

8 CWDM wavelength selections are provided. The module accommodates 10Gbit/s or 1Gbit/s signals.


  • Multi-rate optical transceiver for 10 Gbit/s or 1 Gbit/s signals
  • Receiver and transmitter in single package
  • High receiver sensitivity APD
  • 8 CWDM wavelength selections (1470 nm - 1610 nm)
  • For use with select LYNX-Technik products
  • Pluggable and hot swappable
  • Lead free and RoHS compliant

Ordering Information

OH-TR-10G-XXXX-LC 10 Gbit/s CWDM Optical Data Transceiver
OET 1940 10Gbit/s Ethernet to Fiber Transceiver