OTR 1810-1

3G Fiber Optic / SDI Transceiver

Datasheet Quickreference


The OTR 1810-1 is a Fiber / SDI transmitter and receiver combined in a single self contained package. It is a convenient and cost effective solution to combat the restrictions involved with the distribution of uncompressed broadcast quality video signals over long distances.

Each OTR 1810-1 transceiver has an independent transmitter and receiver channel, which provides an effective solution for any SDI signal up to 1080p60 (3Gbit/s) while preserving full uncompressed quality.

The OTR 1810-1 will auto-detect and re-clock any 270Mbit/s, 1.5Gbit/s and 3Gbit/s SDI source prior to conversion. The module is fully compatible with 3G Level A and Level B formats.

This yellobrik had a major hardware update. If your yellobrik has no usb port on it's length side please visit the yellobrik documents in our downloads section for the datasheet and quick reference.


  • SDI Fiber receiver and transmitter in single package
  • Supports SDI video up to 3Gbit/s (1080p60)
  • 3G Level A and Level B support (all formats)
  • Auto reclocking 270M / 1.5G / 3G
  • Error free optical connections
  • Singlemode and Multimode versions
  • Up to 10km (6.2 miles) @ 3Gbit/s (singlemode)
  • Up to 300m (984 feet) @ 3Gbit/s (multimode)
  • Duplex LC optical connection
  • Supports hot swapping and hot plugging

Ordering Information

OTR 1810-1 LC LC 3Gbit Fiber Optic / SDI Transceiver (Singlemode Fiber LC Connector)
OTR 1810-1 MM 3Gbit Fiber Optic / SDI Transceiver (Multimode Fiber LC Connector)
OH-TR-1-LC 3Gbit SDI Optical Transceiver
OH-TR-0-850-MM Fiber Optic Transceiver Option Multimode (LC)
RFR 1200 High power yellobrik 19” 1RU Rack Frame
RFR 1001 yellobrik Mounting Bracket
LC/ST Dup LC Connector to ST Connector Adapter Kit
LC/SC Dup LC Connector to SC Connector Adapter Kit
P-TAP 1000 P-TAP Battery Adapter Cable
XLR 1000 4 Pin XLR Camera Battery Adapter Cable