SRV 1000 - NEW

yellobrik APPolo Server Module



The SRV 1000 is a yellobrik central control module designed to extend the control up to 256 RCT modules with each being connected to up to 12 yellobrik.

Connecting RCT to SRV modules simply works by adding it to your existing local ethernet network structure.A MAC or PC running LynxCentraal control software is still necessary to make use of remote control.

To connect to the SRV 1000 web interface by simply enter the IP address (by default to read logfiles, update the software and more. If you need to change settings login as “admin“ with the password lynx$admin (by default).


  • One slot yellobrik module
  • Connect multiple RCT 1012 modules with workstations
  • Provides ethernet connection to up to 256 RCT 1012 modules
  • Control everything via LynxCentraal Control Software
  • 1 x Ethernet 10/100

Ordering Information

SRV 1000 yellobrik APPolo Server Module
RCT 1012 yellobrik Rack Controller