SPG 1708

Tri-/Bi-Level Sync Pulse Generator with Genlock

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The SPG 1708 is a compact, versatile analog sync pulse generator with genlock providing Tri-/ Bi-Level video sync and audio signals. The module offers three Tri-Level sync outputs, three Bi-Level sync outputs, and a separate Audio Sync output, with 48kHz Word Clock or Digital Audio Sync Signal (DARS) capabilities.

The sync generator has an accuracy of 2ppm, is robust and temperature stabilized. The flexible genlock capability allows the module to genlock to any SD, HD, and 3G reference input, with full cross-lock functionality and timing lock, even across unmatched standards. Bi-Level and Tri-Level sync outputs and audio sync signals are all frequency locked to the reference, regardless of the selected sync standard for the outputs. Output signals are timing locked if they are in the same frame rate group as the reference. Additionally, a delay in units of output line and pixel can be applied when remote controlling the SPG 1708 via yelloGUI.

23.98Hz 24Hz 25Hz &
29.97Hz &
30Hz &

Available sync formats for Bi-Level Sync are NTSC, PAL, or PAL M/N. In addition it can output Color Bars, Black Burst, or just the Sync signal with selectable 7.5 IRE pedestal for NTSC standards with adjustable burst phase in 8 increments. The Tri-level sync outputs can be set to any of the available HD/3G standards.

User controls are located on the top side of the module, clearly labeled, and easily accessible. When remote controlling the device via USB, more options and settings are available with the yelloGUI.


  • Supports all regular analog Tri- and Bi-Level Sync standards
  • Simultaneous HD/Tri-Level and SD/Bi-Level sync outputs
  • 3 x HD/Tri-Level and 3 x SD/Bi-Level sync outputs
  • Genlock with cross lock to any sync standard
  • “Color Bars”, “Black Burst” or “Sync Only” for SD
  • NTSC, PAL or PAL M/N for Bi-Level sync outputs
  • Burst phase adjustment for NTSC and PAL sync
  • Audio Sync output 48kHz Word Clock or DARS
  • yelloGUI compatible to access additional internal settings

Ordering Information

SPG 1708 Tri-/Bi-Level Sync Pulse Generator with Genlock
P-TAP 1000 P-TAP Battery Adapter Cable
XLR 1000 4 Pin XLR Camera Battery Adapter Cable
RFR 1001 yellobrik Mounting Bracket
RFR 1200 High power yellobrik 19” 1RU Rack Frame