Testor lite Firmware

LYNX provides free firmware upgrades to all our Testor Lite customers. These upgrades can be for adding new features or correcting bugs, please refer to the release notes for details. Please download the firmware installation instructions (pdf) as a guide.

Is there an upgrade available for my Testor Lite?

Verify the current version of your Testor Lite from the Systems Menu.
In the Testor's local touch screen menu, navigate to

HOME > Settings > System > Version

If your version is older than the latest version provided here, we recommend that you click on the latest firmware version below to download it to your desktop. Then follow the instructions (see PDF above) to do the upgrade.

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V 755 - [Current Release]

  • solved an issue where errors could occur with 3G SDI outputs in some rare cases


Note for WINDOWS 10 Users:
Please download both

  • LYNX_PTG1802_755.exe
  • LYNX_PTG1802_USBDriver_Win10.zip

And use the files in the following order:

  1. Unzip LYNX_PTG1802_USBDriver_Win10.zip
  2. Install the USB drivers by executing Install-driver.exe from the extracted files
  3. Windows will inform you about an unsigned driver, press "Yes" to continue
  4. Execute LYNX_PTG1802_755.exe to unpack the Testor Lite Updater Package to a path of your choice
  5. Connect PTG1802 to your PC
  6. Use TestorLiteProgrammer from the folder of your installation path of LYNX_PTG1802_755.exe to update PTG1802

Please Note:
Due to the implementation of several new functionalities,
stored user presets could get lost when updating from version 637 or below.

This is a cumulative Upgrade which includes previous releases below:

Update History

V 742

  • solved an issue which could occur when generating 3G Level B Dual Link (2 cables) signals
  • solved an issue where the battery timeout did not work properly when moving patterns were active

V 719

  • Added genlock mode: lock to external reference
  • Text overlay can be set individually for each SDI output
  • Audio ident settings are now stored to user presets
  • Several smaller improvements

V 687

  • text overlay settings are now be stored in user presets
  • improved text overlay editor
  • improved menu navigation (buttons are hidden while cpu is busy)
  • several smaller improvements

V 671

  • Solved an issue where some devices did not power up correctly when USB power supply was connected.
  • Improved text overlay editor.

V 652

  • video patterns can now independently selected for each SDI output
  • added 3G SDI Level B Dual Link support
  • Level B Dual Stream for 3D Stereo Streaming Format is now active
  • added Audio Embedder control menu
  • revised text overlay
  • several smaller improvements

V 637

  • Improved eye pattern for 3G SDI signals
  • Active picture CRC is now stable for SDI output 1 for 3G-SDI standards
  • other small improvements

Testor Test Patterns

Here you can access our free library of test patterns and browse, download and even upload your own pattern designs for the Testor Test Pattern Generator using the new PTG FLASH option.


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