Compact, robust, and offering best in class functionality

greenMachine® is a powerful award-winning 4K/UHD/12G multi-purpose processing platform. It is the ideal reconfigurable toolbox for studios, OBs, remote production and any other media facility that requires AV signal processing.

greenMachine® is designed and manufactured in Germany…because innovation, quality and performance still matter.

  • Designed & manufactured in Germany
  • Best in class functionality
  • 4K/UHD/12G
  • Mix and match applications
  • "Try before you buy"-license
  • Compact – ½ rack

All greenMachine Products

Frame Synchronizers

4FS 4x3Gbit/s Frame Synchronizer for greenMachine titan

Video Conversion

2C UPXD Dual-Channel Up/Down/Cross Converter
3G UPXD Dual 3G Up/Down/Cross Converter + Dual Scaler
4K UPXD 4K UHD Up/Down/Cross Converter

HDR & SDR Processing

HDR Evie+ Segmented Dynamic HDR to SDR converter
HDR Static HDR <> SDR Converter for greenMachine titan

Transport Solutions

BIDI Transport Bi-directional Transport for greenMachine titan

Test Generators

Testor 4K/UHD and 4 channel 3G SDI Video and Audio Test Signal Generator

Rack Frames

RFR 6000 Rack Frame for greenMachine
RPS A100 AC to DC Desktop Power Supply Module 12V/8A
RXT 6001 Rack extension for RFR 6000
RYB 6000 yellobrik extension for RFR 6000

greenMachine Hardware

greenMachine callisto+ Dual Channel 3G/HD/SD SDI Video and Audio Processing Platform
greenMachine titan 4K/UHD or 3G/HD/SD Quad Channel SDI Video and Audio Processing Platform


ABS Case for greenMachine Plastic Transport Case for greenMachine
OH-BD-1-1310-LC Bidirectional (Single Fiber) Transceiver
OH-BD-1-1550-LC Bidirectional (Single Fiber) Transceiver
OH-BD-12G-1270-LC 12Gbit SDI Bidirectional Optical Transceiver
OH-BD-12G-1330-LC 12Gbit SDI Bidirectional Optical Transceiver
OH-BD-51-1310-LC Bi-directional Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver
OH-BD-51-1550-LC Bi-directional Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver
OH-RR-1-LC Dual Channel 3Gbit SDI Optical Receiver
OH-RR-12G-LC Dual Channel 12Gbit SDI Optical Receiver
OH-RR-8-LC Fiber Optic Dual Receiver Option 80km
OH-RX-12G-SDI 12G SDI Single Channel Electrical Receiver
OH-RX-APD 3Gbit SDI Optical Receiver (High Sensitivity)
OH-TR-0-850-MM Fiber Optic Transceiver Option Multimode (LC)
OH-TR-1-LC 3Gbit SDI Optical Transceiver
OH-TR-12G-LC 12G SDI Optical Transceiver
OH-TR-12G-XXXX-LC Fiber Optic 12G CWDM Transceiver Option (XXXX=Wavelength 1270nm to 1590nm)
OH-TR-4-XXXX-LC Fiber Optic CWDM Transceiver Option 40km (XXXX=Wavelength 1270nm to 1610nm)
OH-TR-50-850-MM Data Optical Transceiver - Multimode
OH-TR-51-LC Data Optical Transceiver - Singlemode 10km
OH-TR-54-XXXX-LC Fiber SFP Data Transceiver (CWDM) 40km
OH-TR-58-XXXX-LC Fiber SFP Data Transceiver (CWDM) 80km
OH-TR-8-XXXX-LC Fiber Optic CWDM Transceiver Option 80km (XXXX=Wavelength 1270nm to 1610nm)
OH-TR-MADI-1310 MM 1310nm Multimode Optical Transceiver
OH-TR-SDI 3Gbit SDI SFP Coaxial Transceiver
OH-TT-12G-XXXX-XXXX-LC Dual Channel 12Gbit SDI Optical Transmitter - CWDM
OH-TX-1 LC/SC/ST 3G Fiber Optic Basic Transmitter Option - 10km
OH-TX-12G-SDI 12G SDI Single Channel Electrical Transmitter
OH-TX-12G-ST 12G SDI Single Channel Optical Transmitter
OH-TX-12G-XXXX-LC 12Gbit SDI Optical Transmitter - CWDM (XXXX=Wavelength 1270nm to 1610nm)
RAC MF25-4/4 D-Sub 25 to 4 Male / 4 Female XLR Audio Cable
RBO A025 Breakout Audio Board for SubD 25 Connectors