Take Control of Your
yellobrik System

...remotely configure, automate and monitor

Centralize your Production Setup for Local AND Remote Productions

For Content Delivery, Production Pipelines, and Control Centers working in Film, Medical, Government, Education or any other sector

Considered one of the most reliable interface solutions on the market today, yellobriks have evolved as one of the most extensively used solutions in critical live broadcast delivery and are gaining popularity as a full system approach.

Regardless of how you’re involved in the media industry, the yellobrik system solutions offers:

  • Reliable and robust signal processing system solution
  • Broad range of functionality including: conversion, synchronization, extension, embedding, distribution, and fiber conversion, splitting, mux/demux
  • Up to 8K functionality
  • Redundant power for backup
  • Single system to hundreds of racks systems
  • Powerful central dynamic control and monitoring via intuitive multi-location GUI or third party automation

The yellobrik server module (companion to the yellobrik Rack Controller) takes the humble ‘brik’ to a new level of integration into a controlled, monitored or automated infrastructure.

With individual yellobrik modules connected to any number of networked rack controllers, and just one yellobrik server module on the ethernet management network, users can control all yellobriks in a system. This enhanced functionality provides facilities with a streamlined interface, to control yellobriks centrally, locally or remotely without the need for physical access. This offers reduced support time, centralized yellobrik monitoring and third party control.

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