OET 5501

1GBit Ethernet to Fiber Transceiver (Switch) -CWDM

Datasheet Reference Manual


The OET 5501 is a 3 port Ethernet switch designed to extend the reach of electrical Ethernet signals over long distances using a constant (fixed) high speed 1Gbit optical connection.

The OET 5501 can be paired with another OET 5501, the yellobrik OET 1510 or any other IEEE compliant Ethernet switch with a fiber interface. When paired with one of these devices using two fiber cables, the OET 5501 will provide a stable, high speed 1Gbit error free optical connection between distant locations.

The OET 5501 has two standard RJ45 electrical Ethernet ports plus fiber I/O and functions as a 3 port Ethernet switch. For legacy system use; each electrical Ethernet port can be set for automatic speed detection (10/100/1000) or forced to 10Mbit, and each port can use automatic crossover detection, or be forced manually if needed. These functions are available via the APPolo control system.

A variety of optional SFP fiber sub modules are available (including single mode and multi-mode fiber plus CWDM fiber with 18 wavelength selections). This allows the module to be used in multiple applications.

Full remote control and status monitoring, (including the available optical input budget) are possible when using the APPolo control system.


  • Support for standard Ethernet inputs up to 1 Gbit
  • 3 port Ethernet switch (1 fiber, 2 electrical)
  • Support for Jumbo Frames
  • Auto (10/100/1000) electrical port speed detection
  • Manually force 10 Mbit electrical speed (if needed)
  • Fiber transceiver speed always 1 Gbit
  • Auto or manual electrical crossover selection
  • Remote control, status monitoring and error reporting possible when used with APPolo control system.
  • Hot Swappable
  • Variety of fiber SFP Transceiver options
    • Standard single mode up to 10km (1310nm)
    • Standard multi-mode up to 550m (850nm)
    • CWDM 40km with 18 wavelength selections
    • CWDM 80km with 8 wavelength selections

Ordering Information

OET 5501 1GBit Ethernet to Fiber Transceiver (Switch) -CWDM
OET 1510 Ethernet to Fiber Transceiver (Switch)
OH-TR-50-850-MM Data Optical Transceiver - Multimode
OH-TR-51-LC Data Optical Transceiver - Singlemode 10km
OH-TR-54-XXXX-LC Fiber SFP Data Transceiver (CWDM) 40km
OH-TR-58-XXXX-LC Fiber SFP Data Transceiver (CWDM) 80km
RFR 5014 2RU Rack Frame + Power Supply (no fans)
RFR 5018 2RU Rack Frame plus Primary Power Supply