DVD 5480 TO

Dual Channel 12G SDI Distribution Amplifier

Datasheet Reference Manual


The DVD 5480 TO module is a high performance dual channel 12Gbit/s SDI distribution amplifier with optical interfaces and Single Link to Quad Link (2SI) conversion. This module can be used as a single 1>8 or a dual channel 1>4 device. DVD 5480 TO is ideally suited for demanding high quality broadcast and
professional video applications.
In DVD 5480 TO module, the two fiber input ports provided can be switched by the user individually to the internal channels. Each internal channel has a switchable single Link to quad Link (2SI) converter, which can be set to bypass. In bypass mode, the module acts as an optical distribution amplifier.

In “demux” mode, the module will act as a demultiplexer in which the 12G SDI signal on input ports will be demultiplexed into 2SI quad link signal. The DVD 5480 TO module is part of the 5000 series of  CardModules, which offers high quality, modularity and flexibility in a small form factor ideal for applications where space is at a premium. Like other 5000 series CardModules, this module is fully integrated into LYNX APPolo Control system which provides remote control, status monitoring and error reporting for the module.

Note: A maximum of 8 DVD 5480 TO cards can be installed in RFR 5018 rack frame. It CANNOT be fitted into slot 1 or 2 as it would block the RFR internal cross flow fan at the rear.


  • Supports 12Gbit/s on Optical inputs and outputs
  • Auto-detect input video standard
  • Dual Channel (2x1>4) or Single Channel (1>8) distribution amplifier
  • 12G SDI input signals can be demultiplexed to quad link (2SI, 4x3G SDI)
  • Input presence detection with LED indication
  • Microprocessor controlled with internal flash ram for storing configuration
  • Remote control, status monitoring and error reporting when used with Lynx APPolo control system
  • Hot Swappable

Ordering Information

DVD 5480 TO Dual Channel 12G SDI Distribution Amplifier
RFR 5014 2RU Rack Frame + Power Supply (no fans)
RFR 5018 2RU Rack Frame plus Primary Power Supply
OH-TT-12G-LC Dual Fiber Optic 12G SDI Transmitter Option
OH-TT-1-Y-LC Dual Fiber Optic Basic Transmitter Option 10km
OH-RX-12G-LC 12Gbit SDI Single Optical Receiver
OH-RX-12G-ST 12G SDI Single Channel Optical Receiver
OH-RX-8-LC Fiber Optic Receiver Option 80km
OH-TT-12G-SDI 12G Dual Channel SDI HD-BNC Electrical Transmitter
OH-TR-12G-SDI 12G SDI HD-BNC Electrical Transceiver