RFR 1200

High power yellobrik 19” 1RU Rack Frame

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The RFR 1200 is a compact 1 RU high mounting frame designed for yellobriks. Up to 14 yellobriks can be mounted vertically and mechanically clamped in place. Each slot has its own integrated power connector on a central power bus which can supply up to 200W of power total.

The rack has two external 12VDC inputs for power. If the total of all connected devices stays below 100W, “Power 1” will be for primary power, “Power 2” for redundant backup. In high power mode both power supplies are used in parallel to supply a total of 200W power budget to the rack. To indicate status LEDs are located in the front panel as well as GPI connections for the power supply failure alarms.

While the frame will accommodate all yellobriks (except OCM, OSP, OTR 1441, OTR 1442, OTR 1A41 and OTR 1A42), it is especially well suited for yellobrik fiber converters, which are typically used in larger numbers.

A space is left open on one side to route the fiber loops from front to rear making for a very clean installation. The module fiber RX and TX activity LEDs can be seen from the front with the modules installed. To protect the fiber cables and connections the 19” mounting brackets can be repositioned to recess the rack frame.

To mount wider modules (i.e. IDC 1411 ) the spacer brackets can be unscrewed from the bottom to make room to accomodate these types of modules.


  • Compact 1 RU design
  • Will accommodate up to 14 yellobriks
  • External 12VDC power inputs
  • Primary and redundant power options
  • Power failure alarm GPI outputs
  • Adjustable 19” mounting brackets to recess frame

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RFR 1200 High power yellobrik 19” 1RU Rack Frame
RPS A100 AC to DC Desktop Power Supply Module 12V/8A