CDH 1411

12G SDI to HDMI Converter

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The CDH 1411 is a versatile, compact 12G SDI to HDMI converter designed to aid monitoring and displaying uncompressed 720/60p to 2160/60p SDI signals in broadcast, post production and pro AV markets. Easily convert any compatible SDI video signal into the equivalent HDMI signal and monitor Closed Captions, audio levels of embedded channels, and much more. Fiber connectivity options add SDI fiber transmission and/or SDI fiber reception using the integrated fiber SFP socket to transport your signal up to 10km (6.2 miles).

Depending on the volume of available channels, audio can be de-embedded from incoming SDI signals providing digital AES and analog audio outputs with full range presets. Any pair of selected audio channels can also be embedded into the HDMI output. Alternatively 8 channels selected from the input signal (8 audio groups in 64 channels) can be embedded into the HDMI output.
Various burn in features make the CDH 1411 a versatile monitoring tool. Individually selectable Timecode Burn-in, Closed Caption Burn-in, 16 channel Audio Metering, Safe Area Markers, and Metadata Display are just a few of the on-screen monitoring features. The yelloGUI software provides support for a host of additional settings and features which are accessed using a PC and the USB port on the module.


  • Support for SDI video inputs from 1.5G up to 12G (2160p)
  • Supports HDR and WCG indication at HDMI output
  • Automated detection of input signal color range via VPID information
  • 3G SDI Level A and Level B support
  • Automatic input standard and format detection
  • Fiber input and output options
  • HDMI video output with embedded audio
  • Analog and AES audio outputs
  • Selectable timecode burn-in and Metadata burn-in
  • CEA 708 Closed caption burn-in
  • 16 channel on screen audio level meter
  • H/V delay & H flip and safe area markers
  • yelloGUI compatible: Gain access to additional features

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