RXT 1001

Power Supply Holder for RFR 1000-1

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External power supplies have been a struggle for everyone seeking a clean organized installation and setup. RXT 1001, a power supply holder for RFR 1000-1 yellobrik rack frame, can simplify cable management by securing the external power supply and making the installation neat.

RXT 1001 can secure one RPS A100 (RPS 1120/RPS 6120) power supply. A maximum of two RXT 1001 can be mounted on the RFR 1000-1 which will allow securing the main and the redundant power supply of RFR 1000-1.

RXT 1001 has an innovative locking mechanism that firmly secures the power supply and avoides its movement during the transportation of equipment or during installation of other equipment.


• Compact design
• Accomodates 1 power supply for RFR 1000-1
• Innovative locking system to secure power supply
• Easy installation
• Compatible with RPS 1120, RPS 6120 power supplies

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RXT 1001 Power Supply Holder for RFR 1000-1
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